Appliances and Electronic Repairs.
Test and Tag available
License STS12281.​​  
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XV series​​ 
for accessories please go to the shop​
Botvac series 
for accessories please go to ​the shop
Tips to keep your Neato running smoothly.
1. Keep brush and brush bearing clean of hair with regular cleaning.
2. Regularly clean all sensor windows, 2 drop sensor under front of machine on both sides and wall sensor on left hand side just before bumper.
3. Regular inspection of laser turret, that debris has not lodged in slot.

Authorised warranty and   out of warranty servicing of  all Neato's.                          
Service fee of a based rate  of $85.00 plus major parts   and shipping costs​. 5 years 
experience with servicing     and repairing Neato's.         ​